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These are perfect videos for teaching staff and clients about horse care.

Alita (Bunny) Hendricks got her “A” Pony Club rating at age 16 yrs and been a National Examiner with USPC through Traditional A for more than 25 years. This is a substantial achievement. Now she shares via video her years of horsemanship and horse management experience at her website: 

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A Premium Member subscription is the perfect Christmas gift for the Equine Assisted Professional in your life and costs only $10 per month!  These are perfect videos for teaching staff and clients.

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An Member’s testimonial about how one video helped possibly save her horse!

“During a freakGeorgiaice storm that left the roads impassable and our horses stuck in the barn for three days, Colbi, a sweet but sensitive mare, decided to colic. I had no banamine on hand and knew it would be hard to convince any vet to risk travel on the icy roads. Colbi had not been drinking much during the several days she was stuck in her stall, so I knew we needed to somehow get some fluids in her. My daughter, Sarah Beth, had been watching your videos in preparation for her Pony Club C2 Certification, and remembered that you had suggested “Hendricks’ Horse Tea” as a way to get a horse to drink water. We mixed up a batch with some warm water and Colby drank an entire bucket, and then another. An hour later she was no longer restless and trying to lay down – she made a complete recovery! Fortunately, we caught her colic early, but had it not been for the “Hendricks’ Horse Tea” I think it would have been much worse. Thank goodness Sarah Beth had seen your video!”   ~Jennifer Pettit Hood,Monroe,Georgia

Something new has been added to to make it easy to find and select videos that you are interested in viewing. This new section organizes the videos according to experience or interest levels. This feature will also help those instructing others to find the topics needed for a variety of levels of students in an easy and timely manner.

Four categories have been added to the listings:

1.) “Just Getting Started”
2.) “Basic Skills”
3.) “Intermediate Skills”
4.) “Advanced Skills”

“Just Getting Started” videos guide the person who is new to horses or who has just a curious interest in learning about introductory topics such as, “How To Feed A Horse A Tid-Bit”, “Grooming”, “Tacking Up”, “How To Clean Stall”, and more.

“Basic Skills” showcase information for the new horse owner or the student just learning about horse care, including titles such as “How To Safely Hang a Haynet”, “Taking Your Horse’s TPR”, “Polo Wraps”, and “Core Vaccinations”.

“Intermediate Skills” present content for the horse person who is growing in experience and expertise and include videos on the “Stable Bandage” and “Shipping Bandage”, “Six Classes of Nutrients”, “Longeing Equipment and Fit”, and a variety of body clips and how to do them, how to make customized bandages and padding for your horse, and more.

“Advanced Skills” videos are for the active horse person who is often competing at a higher level. These videos include the “hows and whys” to a large variety of specialty bandages, how to present your horse for and F.E.I. Level Event Horse Inspection, a Cross Country Walk of a CCI 2* level event (both of these feature Eric Dierks), Life Cycles of Equine Internal Parasites,
and much more.

Of course all videos are still grouped according to topics so you can see the breadth and depth of each subject at a glance.

Many hours of instructional videos are available with many more hours of content coming in the next year, especially for the “Just Getting Started,” “Basic,” and “Intermediate” level horse fan.

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